Thriving in Mexico: Finding Your Sweet Spot

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Home in Acapulco, 5 minutes from the Beach, three minutes from smoking Salsa bands!

Hello from Acapulco!  It’s been a blast discovering the little gems of local life and culture in a place that can easily appear to be “just a tourist town,” until we dig a little deeper. There are all kinds of opportunities for discovery here.

Imagine taking 10 days to have an experience of YOU at a level of Health, Energy, Clarity, and Ease that is optimized, from your cells outward.  Over the last 8 years of working with clients worldwide a number of students have told me that spending time with me, one-on-one, was a major turning point in their lives.  They began to experience how much of the information that I have shared in my free newsletter, and much that I haven’t or can’t write down in words, translates into behaviors, attitudes and skills that allow us to live optimally with clarity, simplicity and EASE.

Many people have done retreats with me to achieve a variety of different goals and objectives.  I am glad to support you in yours.  ALL real transformation necessarily implies a transformation in the living structure we are and which supports our desired transformations in whatever expression of our lives.  Here we integrate diet, activity, and emotional and cognitive skills which prepare us to truly lead ourselves to masterful living, in reality.

I’ve got a BEAUTIFUL 2 bedroom penthouse apartment just a 5 minute walk from the beach, easy access to Acapulco, and beyond, and an incredible opportunity for those of you who have wanted to get a taste of how FULL, how SIMPLE, and how LUSCIOUS Life can be! This is YOUR opportunity to experience THRIVING IN MEXICO and Finding Your Sweet Spot in whatever aspect(s) of your Life are calling you to bring some Wisdom, some Joy, some Action and/or Relaxation, and New Perspectives so that the Wisdom of LIVING can Unfold in New Ways for and inside of you.

The People I LOVE to Work With:

There are certain individuals I call  “BAD-ASSES.” They are

Where Women Still Sow Beauty Magnificently into the Continuity of All that is Living

compulsive, lifelong, self-led learners, voracious readers and launch themselves into experiences and adventures that they often get called “crazy” for even trying. They are HUNGRY for LIVING! They want to KNOW their world, understand THEIR WORLD, DEVELOP THEIR CAPACITIES TO THE HILT,  and live a LIFE that is expanded, intense, multi-dimensional, challenging, inspiring, and FULL-SPECTRUM. 

They will not settle for living in a “box” of possibilities and impossibilities that someone else defined for them.  When they get frustrated, depressed, or outraged they take it as a sure sign that there is SOMETHING TO LEARN and UNLEARN. They are called to SELF-LED, SELF-REALIZED MASTERY.  They want live in a way they LOVE and that allows LIFE to THRIVE far beyond “themselves” and for an Aliveness that will ripple forth for generations from the Deliciousness of Living that they dared to Celebrate, Grow and Sow into the Greater Aliveness. 

They are committed to growth and to reality, ALL of it, and the ability to navigate all of it with ABILITY.  The hallmark of these people is that they realize that the qualities of their experiences ARE UP TO THEM.

All of us have “frames” of beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, ideas, shortcuts and strategies that have “worked” for us so far.  How well have they worked for us?  Well, it’s hard to tell from inside our frame. The nature of a frame is that it continually justifies and reinforces its boundaries, limits, values and foregone conclusions.  That is precisely what makes it a frame.

Our frame is invisible to us because we think that it is us and we are it! Every single one of us is identified with our experiences and the ways which we approach them.  That’s not “good” or “bad.” It’s perfectly natural, yet limiting.

Living with different Peoples, however, eventually allows us to SEE our frame. Different people live in different perceptual frames.  In the company of others whose lives, relationships, values and expressions are different from our own, there is the possibility of noticing ours.  That’s not necessarily a given.  Most “tourists,” and even “long-terms travelers” continue to relate to others from within “their” frame, certain that the experience of the people we are among is precisely how we comfortably and conveniently define it from within our own.

In Acapulco, for example, there is a long-term community of expats from the U.S. and Canada. Their grasp, appreciation and interest in the experience of the people around them is amazingly shallow. They essentially live in the “Mexico/Acapulco channel.” This is, essentially, a “consumer choice.” It appeals to them because of its “affordability” and other aspects of “tremendous appeal:”  warm weather, a safe sense of “exoticism,” even “danger,” no real relationship necessary! These are not the people my Invitation resonates with.

I invite people who come to share a Learning Adventure with me to expand into new possibilities that were also not-noticeable before.  This is the adventure available to us in DEEP TRAVELING, and I have explored this adventure for my entire lifetime. And I love turning-on Brilliant, Creative, Funky, Adventurous BAD-ASSES to what I’ve explored so far, and getting turned on by what others have discovered.

When I talk about “being teachable” this has everything to do with being open to an experience through and beyond your frame. That kind of learning, which is natural, only occurs when our living structure is healthy, well-cared-for, and capable of expanding beyond present levels of mastery.  This is precisely what the word education, from the Latin ex: “out of” + ducere: “to lead” + -tio: “action of” points to: “the action of being led out.” Out of what? Out of our frame. 

The value of learning with someone, like myself, who has spent a lifetime jumping across all different

Fishermen of Acapulco

perceptual frames, is that I  can pass on some fun, effective, curious, liberating and powerful tips for leading yourself through and beyond the boundaries of your own frames, as well as knowing how, when and why to sometimes reinforce those frames, when necessary.  Limits are not only limiting.  They can also be protective, even necessary, supportive, and nourishing. The point is not simply, or crudely, to “blast through all our frames,” but to develop a creative appreciation of, and engagement with the Living, Growing Intelligence we are. Paying attention to how we are actually alive, and how we actually grow allows us to grow our inner jungle into wild, luscious, and delicious ALIVENESS.

  • Self-Responsible

The people I am inviting to learn with me are self-responsible. That means we each understand our power as creators, and that the attention, attitude, enthusiasm, energy, health, sanity, and well-being we bring to our participation in LIFE, and with others,impacts everyone sharing this experience with us.  We learn to meet challenges, as they arise, and even seek them out, and address them responsibly and creatively, beyond drama.  Participants commit to bringing their best, every day, to our time together.  We are not here merely to get something.  We come to offer our Presence and our Creative, Constructive Engagement.

Self-Responsible also means that you assume full liability for the entirety of your experience, your health, and whatever insurance you feel that you need.  Please note that Mexico does not have the nanny state mentality so prevalent in the West.  Mexican people assume that, if you have eyes, it’s up to you to USE them.  On a practical note, that means that construction sites in the middle of a city may have hazards, including gaping holes that you will fall into if you’re paying attention to your smartphone, instead of where you are putting your feet. The advantage is that people are generally far more present to each other and the world than in places where people follow their smartphones.

  • Trust-WORTHY & Truth-FULL

Part of being Trust-Worthy and Truth-FULL is to honor your word.  Our time together will proceed on the basis of mutual

View from Chapel of the Peace, Acapulco
This is our Paradise with a View of Acapulco. (Picture by By Sally from Willamette Valley – Oregon, USA (View from Chapel of the Peace) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons)
commitments.  If you agree to show up at a certain time, show up.  If you agree to do something, do it. If something comes up that prevents you from fulfilling your word, notify someone.  Basic.  When using common areas; leave it cleaner than you found it.  LIVE AS A CONTRIBUTION AND NOT JUST AS A CONSUMER!

This Invitation is to PLAYERS committed to Excellence, Creativity, and Vitality AT EVERY LEVEL OF THEIR GAME.


Dates and locations are flexible and will be from April to mid-August.  I will also be available for those who want to do individual or small-group retreats during this time.

Locations:  I came to Acapulco in February expecting to find a tourist town, which certainly is here.  I’ve been discovering a fascinating community of amazing, fun, interesting, sexy and friendly Acapulqueño Peoples, here in the city, and beyond. I’m actually delightfully surprised and planning on staying for awhile.  Eventually I will be moving on to other locations throughout the fascinating landscape and cultural centers of Mexico, including Taxco, Guerrero;  Oaxaca, Oaxaca; San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas; and mostly likely into the Yucatan Peninsula.

Your Investment:

All prices are subject to change until retreats are PAID FOR.  It is best to make your reservation well in advance. Mexico is a place where I get very engaged with local people and currently my schedule is filling with talks and events here in Acapulco, and others in the works for Mexico City.  I want to make this as affordable and enriching to you as possible.   I live a Life of Apprenticeship and Connection with Local People where magical doorways are opening continually for me and often get invited to communities and places where I cannot invite strangers. If you are interested, CONTACT ME, let me know your DATES, and secure YOUR ADVENTURE WITH A DEPOSIT. 

$1500 for all Learning Activities from Morning to Noon, for 10 days, with Sundays off.  This includes One Health-Restoring Meal prepared together that will revolutionize your experience of how food affects your energy, attention, emotions, and thinking.

$2500 for couples.

For those who would like to stay a full month and spend more time delving deeper into local culture, self-led learning and earning, or simply pursue what you’ve learned during our time together and experience living in a place for more time, I will be glad to help you find comfortable, affordable accommodations with the amenities you desire. I offer a 10% discount for payment in Bitcoin.

For those who want to stay longer in one place, there are plenty of options for comfortable places that fit your finances and budget. Sometimes I will have affordable, comfortable lodging available with me or with people I know.  The more you let me know in advance, the greater the savings available to you.

Reserve Your Spot: Participation is by application: Send an e-mail to and let me know how and when I can serve your adventure and I will let you know what to bring, and how to make advance payment.

Ensure your Participation with a full deposit.


Participants in this course assume full responsibility for their health and well-being and the results they get from the course. Participants hereby release Win-Win Ventures LLC, course organizers and fellow participants from any and all liability relative to their participation in this Living to Thrive course.

Like any city in the world, Mexican cities have good, central neighborhoods that are not only safe to be in, but wonderful to spend time in. Other neighborhoods are definitely to be stayed out of. If you are not from there or invited there, it is not recommended to go there. If you are invited there by locals you trust, you will have an amazing time. I have friends in the worst neighborhoods in Mexico City and have had some of the most amazing experiences there because I was invited. I have Mexican friends from Mexico City who have had very rough experiences in these same places, because they went there uninvited.

This is basic common sense anywhere in the world, whether in my native Brussels, or in many places in Chicago where I grew up, but even more so in communities where people rely on each other and not on “the police” to “take care of neighborhood business.”

What is on offer here is far richer than what you imagine.  Through the integration of Diet, Activity, and Super-Accelerated Learning and Wellness techniques, it is common for participants to experience themselves and their capacities in entirely new and delightful ways.

Dental Care in Mexico:

People in need of dental work often find that the level of care is often superior to what’s available in the States and Europe, often at 10-20% of the cost. Depending on how much dental work you need done, this alone can pay for the trip, be tax-deductible (consult with your own tax advisor) and still leave you with a huge savings. I have had much of my dental work done in Mexico and it’s been excellent and extremely affordable. If you need help finding medical and dental care, and need someone to accompany you and/or translate, this is an extra service that we can negotiate. Just let me know ahead of time. Obviously, I cannot vouch for doctors or dentists in Acapulco.

Many people struggling with health issues are surprised to discover how much real improvement is possible in 10 days. Many clients have credited living with me and applying the health guidelines I share with people, grounded in a coherent understanding of our Living Design, as a turning point in theirr well-being.  You will gain the skills to keep yourself nourished and healthy from now on.  If you have health concerns, I suggest you read ALL the articles on Health, read the references, watch the videos, and take action.

None of this is intended as medical advice. Consult with your healthcare provider for your personal situation. If you desire personal, one-on-one health coaching and support from me, you are welcome to work with me on an hourly basis. For all participants who have paid their deposits I will be glad to work with you individually prior to your arrival in Acapulco and on-site for half of my regular hourly or daily rate, including helping you find medical and dental care, if needed. When I say that this invitation is about THRIVING in Mexico, that’s exactly what I mean!

More on the Invitation and Context:

Mexico is a great place for this Adventure. Mexican people are very friendly, welcoming, playful, and FUN.

Acapulco - Palmasola-Elemento10
Archeological site with numerous petroglyphs in the highest part of Acapulco. (Photo By Mitrush (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

Mexico is a feast for the senses. It’s a modern, hip, culturally-rich and up-to-date country, while still having deep roots in ancient, enduring cultures and life ways that are very much a part of Mexican life today. Mexico has a surprising combination of modern, colonial and indigenous cultures interwoven in an amazing way. Every part of Mexico has its own local flavor and secrets.

Over a hundred indigenous languages are still spoken throughout the country. People rooted in the Land and Ancestry are part of Mexican life everywhere. Those deep roots color and flower in all expressions of contemporary Mexican life, from the artwork, to the music, to the philosophy, the food and the customs of daily living that permeate the Life of the People.
For those interested in the themes and adventures I touch upon at Deep Freedom Now, this is the opportunity to have your own first-hand experience in a comfortable, fun, engaging, joyful way.

This is an Adventure in Integrated, Experiential Learning. As I begin traveling to and living in different parts of Mexico, other amazing places will follow after Acapulco, including the nearby gem of Taxco and the cultural and architectural wonderland of Oaxaca, Oaxaca in the heart of an incredibly diveerse and rich indigenous landscape.

Share a Journey into Thriving in Excellence, rising out of the Husk that has held you and into new realities and possibilities. Excellence comes from the Latin ex: “out of” + celere: “to rise, to tower.” Excellence literally means “to rise out of, to tower out of.” It is the movement of LIFE ITSELF.

To connect that to Living Reality, consider a Seed. Moisten the Seed and it sprouts. The Sprout rises out of the Seed. The Plant rises out of the Sprout, and so on. All of Life is composed of two complementary

Acapulco - Palmasola-Elemento1
More Petroglyphs at the Palmasola site in Acapulco (Photo by Mitrush (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

phases: Excellence and Decay.

Excellence also requires something else that is critical and very lacking in much of the so-called “alternative movement”: a Core Vitality that supports this growth.

Return to the Seed to SEE this. The Seed, in sprouting and growing, is undergoing a repetitive process of creative destruction, both creating and mastering phases of development, then excelling through the structure of already-perfected, already-mastered

forms, to new structures that are both vulnerable and unmastered. For that to occur successfully requires a Core Vitality that carries us through the process and challenges of Excelling.

Thriving in Mexico provides us with an amazing opportunity to explore both Excellence and Core Vitality in a way that will be life-changing if you come as a FULL-ON PLAYER and STUDENT of what is available for you to learn.

YOU can design that Learning according to your Desires. It’s up to YOU.

I will be offering as much as I can to YOU. You are welcome to partake of as much, or as little, as fits for you at this time. Contact me and we will design an Adventure that responds to what you desire for your Living.




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  1. bill davis

    Hi O: Wow, sounds wonderful, wish I could jump on a plane right now and join you in Mexico. My day today, spending most of it with Sue and Jasper, Sue’s 2 1/2 year old grandson caught the flavor of your post, frames coming to awareness, frames folding, joy, aliveness, curosity, wonder, laughter, delight, learning and fun. Ahhhh! Spring coming on finally after a cold, snowy winter ( for here on Vancouver Island). Good skiing though. Thinking about contacting Mark to join me on a visit with you while you’re south. Big Hugs to you brother, bill

    • Journeyman O

      Come on down, Brother-Man! I’d love to see you and meet Mark too! Big Hugs to YOU!

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